In the heart of art

In the heart of art

The Hotel la Fenice et des Artistes is surrounded by artistic buildings and cultural places.

Next to it there is the famous Fenice Opera House, that hosts a countless amount of operas and performances throughout the year.

Saint Mark Square is just at an easy walking distance from the hotel. In only 5 minutes of a romantic walk, you can reach the Bell Tower whose top offers a breathtaking view of the Venetian Lagoon, and the Doge's Palace linked to its fascinating dungeon thanks to the Ponte dei Sospiri. This name comes from the prisoners who used to sigh looking at the outside world for the last time while they were crossing this bridge before the detention.

The Accademia Galleries, where you can stare at Venetian artists' paintings and art, are 10 minutes walking far from the Hotel.

You can also reach the Fortuny Museum or Peggy Guggenheim Collection in a couple of minutes walking through the evocative narrow alleys.

Carnival, the most exciting festival

Carnival, the most exciting festival

Saint Mark Square is Carnival’s heart in Venice.

It offers the perfect evocative environment to embrace crowds of people wearing traditional costumes and masks of the Serenissima Republic period.

The Square is always busy hosting events, performances, parades, masks’ contests, and entertainment such as “Festival of the Marie”, or the famous “Flight of the Angel”, during which a beautiful girl descends from top of the Bell Tower.

Carnival does not end here! The entire city is the stage of this traditional festival!

In fact, the servant Codega, who delighted nobles and wealthy people starting from the middle of the XV century, is waiting to escort you to the most secret and hidden places and teach you stories and legends happened in this beautiful and sometimes ghostly city.

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Venetian life

Venetian life

If you love tasting local mouth-watering delicacies and joining local people's customs and traditions, milling around Venice and walking in different Bàcari would give you the experience you are looking for!
A Bàcaro is a typical Venetian tavern. The name comes from Baccus, the Roman god of wine…and you can imagine why!
Here you can eat cicheti (small portions of food), drink ombrete (glass of wine) and talk with local people who usually join each other in this kind of environment.

If this arouses your curiosity, have a look and you won’t regret it!

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