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Do not give up a quiet stay in the heart of the city of Venice

The Hotel Fenice et Des Artistes is immersed in Venetian art and is located in a quiet little square a short walk from Saint Mark’s Square and adjacent to the historic and prestigious La Fenice Opera House.


Why do we suggest to book directly?


 You will always find the best available rate, with discounts between 5% and 20% according to the period and type of room.

 Your booking will be risk-free as we do not ask for prepayment and you can cancel without penalty up to 48 hours before the check-in at the hotel (with rare exceptions during the busiest times of the year).

 We reserve free upgrades (upon availability) only to our direct customers.

 We are much more flexible with check-in and check-out times, and late check-outs on Sundays are free for you until 4.00 pm (upon availability) to allow you to make the most of your weekend in Venice.

 We treat you to a special welcome with 2 complimentary water bottles and sweets in your room.

 We assure you special attention, because you have visited our official website and have chosen to book without intermediaries.

Hotel La Fenice et des Artistes | Venice | The Artists

The Artists

Staying here means living art in all its forms - notes, paintings, books, photographs and autographs. Guests, artists and travellers appreciate above all the originality and homely atmosphere of our hotel. Here you can find art in every corner, with more than 200 paintings.
Hotel La Fenice et des Artistes | Venice | The Phoenix

The Phoenix

The phoenix is the symbol of our hotel. The legend tells of a mythical bird from Arabia. It died every 500 years to then rise up again from its own ashes. A rare creature, almost impossible to find. Like a phoenix, our hotel is immersed in legend, history and reality.

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