Venice: it will never cease to surprise you...

The most crooked door in Venice?
Behind Rialto market at 963/a San Polo. A full 20° angle.

The narrowest alleyway in Venice?
Calle Varisco in Cannaregio. Just 53 centimetres.

The only Venetian bridge without a parapet?
Seek it out, it is the Chiodo bridge in Cannaregio.

How fast can you go in the Grand Canal?
Just 5 km/h, but in the San Marco basin, foot down on the accelerator - a full 20 km/h!

How many islands are there in Venice?
A total of 124, some really tiny. The most beautiful? Burano.

How is a gondola made?
It is made of about 200 pieces of eight different types of wood (elm, lime, larch, fir, cherry, walnut, oak and mahogany).
A truly original and unique craft.

Hotel La Fenice et des Artistes | Venice | The Artists

The Artists

Staying here means living art in all its forms - notes, paintings, books, photographs and autographs. Guests, artists and travellers appreciate above all the originality and homely atmosphere of our hotel. Here you can find art in every corner, with more than 200 paintings.
Hotel La Fenice et des Artistes | Venice | The Phoenix

The Phoenix

The phoenix is the symbol of our hotel. The legend tells of a mythical bird from Arabia. It died every 500 years to then rise up again from its own ashes. A rare creature, almost impossible to find. Like a phoenix, our hotel is immersed in legend, history and reality.

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