The staff at the Hotel La Fenice et des Artistes?
A big little family.

Michele, Eleonora and Gregory

For more than 50 years, the Facchini family and its staff has kept the Hotel’s heart beating. Michele learnt the art of hospitality from his parents from a young age. He passed the passion on to daughter Eleonora and son Gregory who today put their heart and soul into caring for the hotel and its guests, their great family.


Roberta, the backbone of the hotel since 1981, is our Reservation Manager. Her extraordinary kindness and dedication to her work show how much she genuinely loves the hotel as though it were her home. Brilliant and ever willing to help, she is a champion in managing the bookings.

Nilda and Daniele

Their passion? Making sure guests and colleagues start every day with a smile. Nilda and Daniele, both lovers of music and croissants, have made cappuccinos and omelettes their specialities.

Marco and Mauro

Marco and Mauro are the right hand men of the hotel. Every day they take on a challenge, Marco of numbers and Mauro of everything that’s out of place. The former in administration, the latter among the corridors and rooms, day after day they tirelessly tick off formidable check-lists. Problem solving is their trade and for us, they are a guarantee.


Venetian born and bred, with forty years’ experience as a hotel concierge in Venice, on his jacket he proudly boasts the symbol of the International Union of Hotel Concierges, “Les Clefs d’Or”. A smile, good humour and professionalism make him indispensable whenever something unexpected turns up or to discover every last curiosity about Venice.

Ileana, Andrea and Riccardo

With us since 2005, Ileana is the receptionist par excellence, her qualities: kindness and a gentle smile. Ever attentive and willing, Andrea is our latest recruit and has already made the art of hospitality his great passion. And last but not least, directly from Lido, Riccardo always brings bags of charm with him on the water bus to make sure every day starts out on the right foot.


Beatrice is another new entry. She is responsible for welcoming guests, marketing and communications “to ensure that with us, art can be lived, can come alive, so that everyone can feel at home and take away with them the memory of a unique place, virtually unchanged down the years, where you can immerse yourself during the day, and let yourself be cradled during the night”.

Erwin, Herny and Edwin 

For more than twenty years, Erwin and Henry, our exceptionally kind night concierges, and our Edwin, dedicated to his work and the person who knows every last corner of the hotel like none other, have been the most reliable of collaborators.

Rosa and Marina

Without Rosa and Marina, the Hotel Piccola Fenice would not be the same. They have looked after it faithfully for years, managing the bookings with enthusiasm and taking care of every detail. They both have an authentic Venetian accent which they stubbornly (alas, in vain!) try to teach to their guests, both young and old alike.

Our chambermaids 

Expert at their work and kind hearted, but above all always cheerful. Their friendly charm echoes down the corridors every day. “Hello buon giorno”, “Sorrrrry, sorry“, or “Ghetto un sugaman da prestarme?”, their amusing main trends.

Hotel La Fenice et des Artistes | Venice | The Artists

The Artists

Staying here means living art in all its forms - notes, paintings, books, photographs and autographs. Guests, artists and travellers appreciate above all the originality and homely atmosphere of our hotel. Here you can find art in every corner, with more than 200 paintings.
Hotel La Fenice et des Artistes | Venice | The Phoenix

The Phoenix

The phoenix is the symbol of our hotel. The legend tells of a mythical bird from Arabia. It died every 500 years to then rise up again from its own ashes. A rare creature, almost impossible to find. Like a phoenix, our hotel is immersed in legend, history and reality.

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